Oral Exams and Preventive Care

Our examinations are gentle and thorough, and include assessment of the teeth, gums and supporting bone. We also provide all aspects of oral lesion evaluation and diagnosis, and we can make recommendations for further assessment as need be.

We welcome you to a thoughtful conversation about how you can best keep your teeth and gums healthy and comfortable. This may include recommendations for at-home use of prescription fluoride and oral antimicrobials in certain situations.

We can help you decide which toothbrush is best for your gums and teeth, and also discuss what role the use of dental floss might play in your oral health.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure optimal oral health, by providing you with thoughtful recommendations for specific approaches to your oral health care.

Dental Cleanings

We utilize the most advanced cleaning technology to provide thorough, effective and comfortable teeth cleaning. No more painful cleanings!

We use the Cavitron Prophy Jet cleaning system utilizing a powder water slurry to thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. Studies have shown that this process will better achieve and maintain the health of your gums.

Digital Imaging

You will love our digital state of the art imaging technology, that is quicker and far more effective than traditional approaches. This imaging provides far more detail and better allow us to follow your oral condition over time.

An added benefit is that you can see these images immediately on screen, and better understand your oral health status during discussions with the Doctor.

Urgent Care

Same day and next day appointments are available for our new and continuing patients.

At this appointment we will determine the cause of your concern, provide you with a diagnosis, and also discuss treatment options with you.

Our caring Doctor and Team will ensure that you have a very comfortable experience from beginning to end.

If you have dental anxieties, we offer several sedation options ranging from nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to oral conscious sedation.

We are experts at determining insurance coverages so that we can make the best use of your dental benefits for you. We offer payment plans through Care Credit and we can arrange this payment method in our office.

Cosmetic. Implants. Dentures.

Dr. Doug Beck and his talented team members routinely provide the most amazing tooth replacement options to provide you with a beautiful smile.

Dr. Doug Beck is a Residency Trained Surgeon utilizing the most advanced implant placement technology, and he has 30 years of experience in all phases of Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry.

We provide all aspects of dental implant placement in-house - including follow up care - in one location. If you need a tooth removed, we can replace it the same day so that you are never without teeth. If you have dentures, we can provide implants that support them securely to improve your chewing function and leave you more confident with your smile!

Cosmetic care can often begin with advanced ZOOM whitening procedures and include veneering or esthetic crowns. Cosmetic care can also involve permanently implanted replacement teeth as a more natural alternative to bridges or dentures.

Most importantly we provide these procedures very comfortably, in a manner that ensures quick healing and recovery. In most cases, normal activity can be resumed the following day. And we make every effort to reduce our costs to make this affordable for you.

Wisdom Teeth. Extractions. Bone Grafting. Sedation.

Our caring and supportive team provides the most comforting experience during all surgical appointments. We provide a range of procedures including wisdom teeth and most other surgical extractions, as well as bone grafting in preparation for dental implant placement.

We provide nitrous oxide sedation for all procedures and also an option of oral conscious sedation to ensure your comfort and relaxation throughout these procedures.

Dr. Doug Beck is a Residency Trained Surgeon utilizing the most advanced implant placement technology, and he has 30 years of experience in all phases of Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Crowns. Fillings. Root Canals.

Our tooth-colored crowns are amazingly natural appearing and blend in so that they are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

We are experts at matching the color and shade of existing teeth and crowns - utilizing a variety of all-ceramic materials. No more gray areas at the gum line with our beautiful and durable E-max and Zirconia crowns.

We also utilize tooth colored 3M Filtek Composite Resin exclusively to repair cavities or replace silver fillings.

We perform most all root canal procedures in our office in a very comfortable manner. In most cases, normal activity can be resumed the same day. Root canals are usually a long-lasting solution for saving your tooth. In the rare case that your tooth is not savable with root canal therapy, we have other options to permanently replace the tooth.