How an Artist Sees Wildwood Dental

Hands are such a wonderful part of us. They are so functional, they want to create, to contact and often do things with grace. In dentistry they do such amazing things with a gentle and controlled touch. It is so difficult to work in the small space of the mouth. And yet at Wildwood they make it look easy and fun. They want to heal and make it a very pleasant experience for the person in their care.

Drawing of Dr. Beck in pen and ink

The reception room is so cozy - comfy chairs that I would love to have in my home too. They want you to feel relaxed and at ease here. It's about your comfort and taking the stigma or fear out of your visit to the dentist. We all have some uncomfortable memories somewhere along the way in our lives, but Wildwood tries hard to push those back deeper in your memory - not your visit today.

Drawing of reception room in pastels

Drawing of reception room in pastels

Drawings by Linda Hagemann.

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