How an Artist Sees Wildwood Dental

Front desk of Wildwood Dental in pastels

Staff are busy with their jobs but also attentive to people visiting for their dental care. Scheduling can be tough as people do run into problems such as traffic. And not everything goes as planned during the day because some guest visits are more complicated than they seemed on the surface. But everyone does their very best, all day-every day, to take the best care of everyone and stay on schedule. There is strong teamwork here every moment.

Doctor Doug Beck, who started this practice 34 years ago and today is as much or more passionate about caring for people as he was on September 1, 1981. He loves to talk to people and to know what is important to them in their lives and their priorities outside the dental office. Thoughtful decisions go into what would be the best possible treatment plan for the patient and the “big picture” is always considered. The outcome of each treatment option is considered - and what is needed in the long run to meet the needs of the patient. Everyone has budgets and Wildwood is always sensitive to your financial situation in meeting your dental needs. The final decision is always up to you.

Dr. Beck in pastels

Dr. Beck in pastels

Drawings by Linda Hagemann.

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