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Six Smile-Worthy After-School Snacks

Now that the kiddos are back to school, you may face ravenous little scholars at the end of a busy day. Many Seattle-area parents struggle to find filling and healthy after-school snacks. Adding to this dilemma, children usually clamor for sugary, high-calorie, and low-nutrition fare.

However, with the most common chronic childhood disease being tooth decay and 51 million school hours lost annually due to dental-related illnesses, our experts at Wildwood Dental want you to be mindful of what you feed your kids.

Wildwood Dental is here to help! We love exploring all of the ways we can make life easier, while thinking about how to help you have YOUR best smile.

A balanced diet is a critical element of dental health, so consider your child’s teeth when choosing after-school snacks this fall. Here are some tooth-friendly items to consider:

  • Mini whole-grain pita pockets stuffed with protein-rich foods like chicken or turkey to help teeth build enamel.

  • Hummus or peanut butter served with great produce like celery, carrots and apples, which act like a toothbrush — massaging gums and helping to eliminate bad bacteria.

  • Calcium-rich foods like low-fat milk, yogurt and string cheese, which keep teeth and the jaw bone strong and protected against tooth decay.

  • Red peppers and oranges packed with vitamin C to help strengthen blood vessels and connective tissue in the gums.

  • Hard-boiled eggs and tuna fish to aid in the absorption of calcium and protein.

  • Make-it-yourself whole wheat English muffin pizzas topped with mushrooms for a little extra vitamin D.

Of course brushing after each meal is recommended but isn’t always possible, if kids have a busy after-school schedule. In lieu of brushing, be sure to have your child rinse his or her mouth with water for a minute after eating to help loosen any food that may be stuck in the teeth.

We wish all of our patients a wonderful 2013-2014 school year!

Do you have questions about your child’s teeth? Give Wildwood Dental a call or schedule an appointment.

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