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New Year’s Resolution 2014 Idea: Get Your Best Smile

We all want a healthy mouth — and fresh breath. But did you know fresh breath is not only important to your oral health, but can also affect relationships and your social life?

Wildwood Dental recommends these 10 ways to maintain fresh breath throughout the day!

  • Brush Twice a Day

    Most people find it’s easiest to do when you wake up and before hitting the hay. Brushing after meals that contain foods such as onions or garlic can be helpful too.

  • Floss Daily

    Keep a container of floss on your nightstand, desk, or in your pocket. This will help you to remember this important step to keeping your breath fresh and clean.

  • Clean Your Tongue

    A quick scrub with your toothbrush while you are brushing your teeth should be all that you need, though you can purchase tongue scrapers in the oral health aisle of your local pharmacy.

  • Drink Water

    Give your mouth a quick rinse with water after meals and throughout the day. In addition to keeping your body hydrated, this will rinse away the bacteria that can cause stinky breath.

  • Watch What You Eat

    A high protein, low carbohydrate diet may be great for your waist size, but it can cause your body to burn fat instead of sugar which is known to cause bad breath.

  • Go green

    Green tea and herbs are great for reducing bad breath. Munch on parsley or mint leaves during the day to temporarily freshen breath.

  • Consume More Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is not only the ultimate cold fighter. Foods high in Vitamin C can also reduce the appearance of bad breath. Try melons and berries.

  • Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide

    The oxygen in hydrogen peroxide kills mouth bacteria that cause bad breath.

  • Chew Sugar-Free Gum

    Chewing gum makes you salivate if your mouth is dry and can freshen breath. The saliva can help wash away odor-causing bacteria.

  • Visit Your Dentist

    See the dental experts at Wildwood Dental regularly for an oral exam and professional cleaning. This will allow early detection of any problems that can contribute to bad breath.

Wildwood Dental hopes these resolutions improve your smile in 2014! Do you have another resolution or a creative way to achieve your goals in 2014? Share it with us!

Call Wildwood Dental in Mill Creek, Washington today and take the first step towards improving your oral health. For more great tips connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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