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How To Keep Teeth Clean On-The-Go

It can be difficult keeping your teeth clean when you are busy all the time. But there are some convenient alternatives to awkwardly carrying your toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere. Our dental experts here at Wildwood Dental have put together a list of quick and easy on-the-go options just for you!

  • Disposable Toothbrush

    Colgate makes a product called Wisp. These disposable toothbrushes are small (about 3 and a half inches) and individually wrapped, which makes them convenient and easy to throw in a purse or pocket. Each one has a mini bead of gel that releases when you begin to brush. No water is even needed to brush with the disposable toothbrush. You can clean teeth anywhere at any time.

  • Floss/Floss Picks

    One of the best ways to keep teeth healthy is to floss daily. Flossing can also be a great alternative to brushing if you are out and about. Floss dispensers and floss picks are small and portable. Flossing removes food and bacteria from between teeth and around the gum line. A quick trip to the restroom after lunch can help prevent decay and gum disease..

  • Brushing Wipes

    Brushing wipes are disposable and less messy and awkward than a wet toothbrush and toothpaste. Brush and Go Wipes by Dentek are individually wrapped and have a waterless powder that cleans teeth and removes plaque.

  • Wine Wipes

    Speaking of wipes, Wine Wipes by Borracha are a great product to carry to your next party or wine tasting. They come individually wrapped or in a small compact. Made with hydrogen peroxide and flavored with orange blossom, these are a great way to remove the purple tint left on teeth by red wine. These wipes also clean teeth and help remove the acid in wine that can destroy teeth.

  • Rinse with water

    Of course the last resort to clean teeth when a toothbrush is not available is to rinse well with water. This does help to at least remove some of the food particles and bacteria that may be sitting on your teeth.

There is no better way to keep teeth healthy than good oral care — including annual exams and cleanings by your dentist. Make an appointment today. For more information and great dental tips, visit Wildwood Dental or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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