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Dental Tips for a Smile-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is truly the perfect holiday: No pressure to give the best gift! Instead we can relax, watch some football (Go Seattle Seahawks!), remember what we are thankful for, enjoy the company of friends and family and of course, eat delicious food.

The only unfortunate part is with all the non-stop eating we do on this holiday, it’s inevitable: It’s a horrible day for our teeth.

To best prepare your mouth for the upcoming day of thanks, our experts here at Wildwood Dental are sharing four tips on how to have a smile-friendly Thanksgiving.

  • Drink water while you eat

    One of the worst things you can do to your teeth is snack all day. When you constantly snack, your saliva doesn’t have time to clean your clean, therefore bacteria continues to breed. Drink plenty of water during and in between meals to help wash away food particles.

  • Stay away from foods that stain teeth

    Some Thanksgiving Day staples like cranberries and pecan pie are the worst foods you can eat if you want to keep a bright smile. Steer clear of foods that have a strong coloring to them, since these colors can wind up on your teeth. Sweet and sticky foods, such as pecan pie, can stick to and erode your teeth unless you brush immediately following consumption.

  • Bring floss

    It’s not always convenient to whip out a toothbrush everywhere you go, but it is pretty easy to bring floss. Take advantage of this after your meal to get the leftovers out of your teeth.

  • Don’t forget to brush

    Thanksgiving travel may inhibit your ability to brush like you would at home, but it’s an important day to try your best. We recommend brushing three times throughout the day to help clean the teeth after all the food and snacks.

Following these simple tips on Thanksgiving (and year round), will give your teeth many more years of health. Now THAT is something to SMILE about!

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and of course, delicious Thanksgiving!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?

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