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Teeth Tips for A Healthier Weight

Summer is quickly approaching, which means one thing - bathing suit season.

To get your body pool- or beach-ready, our experts here at Wildwood Dental are chiming in tips to keep your teeth - and weight — healthy.

A great starting point is portion control. Practicing appropriate portions can be especially hard while you’re watching the Mariners next to a snack table, or heading to a family BBQ when the potluck-style meal feels like a sport in itself.

Free apps like My Fitness Pal are great to help track the calories you consume, but you can look to your teeth for further help.

For starters, chew slower and more deliberately. Many people who struggle with portion control eat too quickly and don’t take time to enjoy food. As a result, their bodies aren’t recognizing they’re full.

Here are a few more smile-friendly tips for a trimmer waistline:

  • Avoid distractions

    Eating is an experience for your taste buds - don’t deprive them by distracting yourself with other senses, like watching TV.

  • Start out with smaller portions

    Instead of a dinner plate, try filling a salad plate with a good variety of foods.

  • Take small bites

    Smaller bites mean less strain on your teeth and jaw.

  • Sit back and truly enjoy your food

    When you eat quickly, your brain doesn’t have time to process what the food actually tastes like and can trigger you to go back for seconds, even when your body really is full.

Practicing these healthy habits, along with scheduling routine dental exams and cleanings with us, will ensure a healthier waistline. And a healthier waistline means more confidence (and smiles) this summer!

What are your favorite tricks for staying in shape? Please share with us in the comments.

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