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How an Artist Sees Wildwood Dental at Mill Creek, WA

If you have visited our website recently, you may have noticed a new tab on the left side entitled An Artist Sees Wildwood Dental. Clicking on the link will take you through a series of drawings compiled by our own Linda Hagemann. We think they are pretty neat, and wanted to share a bit about the drawings and why they are there.

If you aren’t familiar with Linda, she has held a variety of positions throughout our office since 1981 – from assistant, to running the front desk, performing instrument sterilization, and more. But best of all, she is Dr. Beck’s No. 1 support as his wife of nearly 40 years.

Despite her many talents keeping our dental office running smoothly, she has also been an artist since age 5, and has worked in almost every artistic medium – acrylic, collage, oil and watercolor. Her talent landed Linda her first solo art show in her hometown when she was 18, and her work has been featured in several galleries on the Eastside and in Seattle, too.

She was inspired to create these drawings simply because she likes what she sees happening on a daily basis here at Wildwood Dental.

“I found something magical in sketching the activity. The energy is great and there are such wonderful personalities to depict.” said Linda.

Linda is a member of the Seattle group of Urban Sketchers, which hosts gatherings a few times a month where artists sketch the same area, and then gather to share the drawings at the end. When the weather isn’t cooperative, the group goes indoors, and that’s when she started thinking she should try her hand depicting our office.

The sketches she created were completed with pastel pencils. She fell in love with the medium a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Be sure to look around and spot some of her other work as you visit us for your appointments. Currently, patients can see many of Linda’s drawings of garden scenes and more throughout the treatment rooms and hallways.

We are honored that Linda chose to sketch our office. She plans to add more sketches of the activity at Wildwood Dental in time. We think it looks pretty great through an artist’s eyes! What do you think?

Visit this link to go directly to Linda’s sketches.

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