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Tips For Making the Most of A Tooth Fairy Visit

It’s one of the most fun roles to play as a parent: The Tooth Fairy!

This magical childhood tradition doesn't have to cause stress - simply make a plan, and have fun with it. Here are 7 simple tips for making the most of a Tooth Fairy visit from our experts here at Wildwood Dental:

Key toothpaste ingredients and what they do:

  • Budget accordingly. Your child will lose 20 baby teeth, usually by the ages of 12-13. Consider that amount when setting the stage for what you will leave under the pillow. According to Delta Dental’s Tooth Fairy Poll, the average gift in American households is $3.91 per tooth.

  • Consider an alternative to cash. If leaving money isn’t your thing, that’s OK. Other ideas include a small toy, a new toothbrush, a game or a book.

  • Make the experience unique. If you’re the creative type, have fun with it! Simple ideas include: a DIY fairy door, a glitter trail leading to the tooth, or writing a tiny note thanking the child for the tooth.

  • Have a special place for the tooth. Whether it’s using a special pillow designated for teeth, or just a small plastic bag, placing the tooth inside something before putting it under the pillow will make your job as the Tooth Fairy a bit easier.

  • If the Tooth Fairy forgets to visit, have an excuse ready. Maybe the Tooth Fairy’s wings got wet in the rain and she couldn’t fly, or perhaps she had a meeting with Santa and the Easter Bunny that ran over. Whatever excuse you find, make it believable. Even the best parents forget.

  • Don’t compare to others. If a neighbor child receives a bigger sum of money or a large gift for teeth, simply state each house has its own fairy who creates the rules.

  • Use the Tooth Fairy as a means to promote oral hygiene. Saying things like “Brushing your teeth keeps your mouth happy, and the Tooth Fairy will reward you for it,” can be extremely effective for getting kids excited for taking care of their teeth. And there's nothing wrong with that!

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