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Start Your Morning With The Best Breakfast For Your Teeth

We all know breakfast is important. However, busy mornings often lead to unhealthy breakfast choices. While it's easy to pop a pastry treat into the toaster or grab a quick bowl of cereal, it's not healthy for your waistline or your teeth.

A nutritious breakfast should help jumpstart your day by fulfilling your vitamin and mineral needs, waking up your brain, and helping to curb your appetite later in the day. Choosing breakfast foods carefully also means keeping teeth healthy and strong.

Our experts here at Wildwood Dental are weighing in on things that will make your teeth happy during the most crucial meal of the day.

  • Go For Whole Grains

    When you eat certain foods, they leave behind bacteria on your teeth that produce acid, which can lead to tooth decay. While candy and soda are obvious culprits, some types of fruits can be damaging as well. Whole grains are a great option for your smile. Whole grain cereal, topped with sliced berries and low-fat milk; whole-wheat toast with scrambled eggs and apple slices; or a bowl of oatmeal topped with chopped nuts are all great choices for a morning meal.

  • Check Sugar Counts

    If you’re looking for breakfast foods that won’t send you to the dentist, seek out options that boast low sugar. For example, yogurt can be a healthy, tooth-friendly option only if it is low in sugar. Many cereals, especially those marketed to children, fail miserably in the sugar department. Make sure to read labels, and choose one that has less than 10 grams of sugar.

  • Include Dairy

    Dairy contains calcium, which helps keep your teeth (as well as your bones and other body parts) strong. A slice of cheese, a glass of milk, or a spoonful of cottage cheese are a great bet to accompany the first meal of the day.

  • Try Foods That Neutralize Acid

    Some foods actually work to neutralize acid on your teeth, so adding them as part of a healthy breakfast routine may help protect against bacteria and acid. Hard cheese, such as cheddar, and nuts are two good options to nibble on right after breakfast. Certain fruits are also good for neutralizing acid, including apples and pears.

  • Post-Breakfast Tooth Care

    Regardless of the breakfast menu in your home, you can protect yourself (and your teeth) by brushing as soon as you take the last bite. Brushing helps to remove sugar and other substances from the surfaces of your teeth. A side bonus is leaving the house with fresh breath!

What are your favorite healthy breakfast foods?

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