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6 Tips for Getting Enough Water For Your Smile Each Day

Water is essential. It helps regulate body temperature and is crucial to the function of our cells, tissues and organs. It can boost immunity, stop headaches and even boost metabolism. But did you also know water is vital for your teeth? It washes away plaque-causing food debris and keeps your mouth healthy.

The perfect water intake depends on factors like age and activity level, however, the “drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water per day,” rule is a good starting point.

Our dental experts here at Wildwood Dental are chiming in to offer great tips to up your H20 consumption, and thus improve your smile:

6 Tips for Getting More Water:

  1. Include water-based foods at mealtime.

    Many fruits and vegetables are made up mostly of water, making it easy to get in some extra hydration at breakfast, lunch and dinner. A few smile-friendly favorites include vegetable-based soups, watermelon, cucumber and celery.

  2. Get a new – larger – cup.

    Sometimes just having a great new cup to drink from can help water intake. Nab one with a sassy saying or a straw – anything to make it more convenient for your lifestyle.

  3. Set an alarm.

    There are tons of free apps to help track hydration. If you want to keep it simple, set a “water alarm” on your phone every few hours .

  4. Add flavor.

    A fruit-infuser water bottle is an easy way to add natural sweetness. Alternatively, a sugar-free flavored powder is a convenient option as well.

  5. Serve water with meals.

    Not only is it one of the best beverages for your overall health, but it will also help keep plaque away from your teeth.

  6. Pack water – no matter how close the destination is.

    Just having water near you at all times will help up your intake. Keep it on your desk, on your counter and in your vehicle’s cup holder.

What tips do you follow to stay properly hydrated?

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