A Message from the Wildwood Dental Team

It is with deep regret that we inform you that Wildwood Dental will be closing effective January 31, 2022.

In August, 2020 Doug suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke. He has had over a year of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, but he is not able to recover enough to return to practicing dentistry again.

We tried for 16 months and 2 brokers to sell the practice. However, with the Covid-19 environment, this turned out to not be feasible.

We are happy to announce that Dr. Eve Rutherford at Centennial Family Dentistry in Snohomish is the new home for our patients’ records. Dr. Eve and her staff helped see some of our patients who had urgent care needs immediately after Dr. Beck’s stroke. Dr. Eve and Dr. Beck share the same passion caring for their patients dental needs. Dr. Rutherford will be opening a new office in Snohomish soon.

To request a copy of your dental records please use the email cfd4beck@gmail.com or call 360-398-3106. We recommend that you only request records that are one year old or less. Specific dental history dates and procedures can be requested from your dental insurance company.

It has been a pleasure to know you and thank you for trusting us with your care!!

The very best in the future,

Doug Beck, DDS & Founder, Linda, Co-founder, Jessica, Clinical Coordinator, Michaela. Business Coordinator

The Wildwood Dental Team
Wildwood Dental